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About us

A slice of the good life, from our family to yours.

A Good Life Veg Box isn’t just about veg. It’s about some of life’s simplest, yet greatest, joys. It’s about a love for proper food, cooking from scratch and sharing time around the table with the people you love.

Good Life Veg Boxes were born in lockdown, when we paused, slowed down, remembered the important stuff. Kicked a football in the park for our daily exercise. Built lemonade-bottle rockets in the garden for home-school science. Checked in with our neighbours. Idled in the kitchen making banana bread.

With supermarket shelves empty but New Covent Garden market packed to the rafters, we started bringing all that lovely fruit and veg – destined, in more normal times, for London’s best restaurants – home to Surbiton. Packed into boxes designed to feed a family like ours for a week, we drove it to doorsteps in our surrounding area, with a smile and a wave from a suitable distance.

Since then, our customers have realised that there’s so much more to food than the supermarket. With a Good Life Veg Box they get kitchen inspiration delivered to the doorstep. Every item is responsibly hand-selected at the market, then packed and delivered the very next day. Often, we buy straight off the farmer’s lorry – there’s no shorter supply chain than that.

With a Good Life Veg Box you’re taking a big step towards becoming a more ethical consumer. We use significantly less packaging, cut out the mass-producing middlemen, source responsibly and deliver within a small radius to reduce emissions. And with 17-19 varieties of fruit, veg and herbs in our Family Box, it makes sense from a budget perspective too.

See you on your doorstep soon.

Jamie & Annie Grant x


Where it all began... my mum, pregnant with me, at our family's greengrocer's shop in 1978. 

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